GTC Engineering is a Steel Fabrication/Engineering company based in Melbourne Australia.
With over 40 years in the Crane Industry, and a strong background in Commercial Construction, GTC has knowledge, experience and access to a vast network of peers, professionals, and suppliers. We manufacture Crane Towers, Yokes/Bridging members, Starter Legs and Recovery cranes through to specialised Crane Ties and Grillages. GTC is an approved fabricator of Crane Towers with 2 rotators that will accommodate any type of tower significantly enhancing throughput and quality. Combined with access to a large machining workshop nearby, our towers are consistently built to the tight tolerances expected in this industry. We also refurbish, strengthen and upgrade towers.
Our Mordiallic workshop has in-house machining, drafting and general fabrication capabilities.

GTC Engineering has refurbished and performed major modifications to all types of Cranes including Favelle/Favco Tower cranes.

GTC Engineering is a manufacturer and hires Offset Lifting Beams. We can manufacture to specific requirements and we have a broad range from 400Kg to 13,500Kg WLL available for hire. Each beam is Engineered with supporting documentation. They are used throughout the Construction industry. All Offset lifters were built in our Mordiallic Factory.